Lactation Consultants in Southern-& Africa

With a focus on preventive health care, Lactation Consultants (LCs) encourage self-care, empowering parents to make their own decisions, prenatally and postnatally. LCs use a problem solving approach to provide appropriate information, recommendations and referrals.

LCs  work in a variety of settings, with a diverse population of families, women and their babies:

  • hospitals

  • maternity units

  • home visits

  • neonatal intensive care units and special care nurseries

  • lactation clinics, maternal and child health services

  • parenting centres

  • private practice as a Lactation Consultant

  • general medical practice, paediatric and obstetric practices

They may also work in other capacities: as a physician, childbirth educator, doula, midwife, nurse or other professional along with their lactation consultant skills.

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